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Beat The Heat & Protect Your Pup At The Same Time!

Never worry about your dog overheating during hot days again and protect your paw-pal from the deadly effects of heat stress & stroke which can be life-threatening to your pet’s wellbeing. 

Introducing the latest product from Pawdaw of London, the Luxury Cooling Vest. Hundreds of you asked, and we listened. After months of research, testing, and many failed attempts, it’s finally ready to share with the world.

Simply add water to activate your pup’s portable air conditioning unit! The breathable material will allow air to circulate freely even during periods of exercise.

With no chemical coolants, gels or toxic materials to speak of, you can rest assured your pup’s comfort won’t come at the cost of their health. 

Forget having to constantly re-soak this Cooling Vest every hour! 

(unlike many others out there)... 

The super absorbent material we’ve chosen stays wet for long periods of time, even on the hottest of days so you can have 100% peace of mind your paw-pal will be cool as a cucumber no matter what mischief or games they’re up to! 

What’s more, the lightweight vest won’t restrict your pup’s movement or turn hard and stiff when it does eventually dry out.

We know how delicate your pup’s skin can be, which is why we’ve made sure that not only does the coat cover 80% of their skin (including their chest), but it’s also made with UV blocking material that stops the chance of sunburns in its tracks. As a result of the extra coverage, your dog will also benefit from improved cooling. 

The Cooling Vest convenienty fits over the top of a harness for walks so you can give them all the exercise they need during the summer months without worrying about them getting fatigued along the way. 

Plus you can safely secure them for hot car journeys or for those more energetic breeds, ensure they take some downtime when needed. 

In case you’re not convinced yet, here’s a roundup of all the benefits:

Have peace of mind your pup is safe and sound all summer long 

Stop heat stress & stroke in its tracks while keeping your pup comfortable

Protect your pup's delicate skin from sunburn and UVA rays (especially good for short-haired breeds)

Allow your pup more time to enjoy outside in the garden without worry

Reduce fatigue on walks so you can exercise them during the summer months

Combat overheating fast and provide immediate relief

Alleviate dehydration by keeping their body cooled 

Comes in multiple sizes to fit every shape and size

The vest is super absorbent and provides excellent thermal insulation

No need to re-soak it every hour, stays wet for long periods 

The vest is breathable which allows for air to circulate with ease, acting as a natural air conditioner for your pup

Covers 80% of your pup's body for maximum comfort

The Cooling Vest is lint-free & machine washable

How do I measure my pup?

Please take the following measurements shown in the image below:

What are the sizes?

**When measuring, please allow extra room for your pups harness if you wish to be able to use the Cooling Vest over the top of their harness**

When Can I use my Cooling Vest?

Anytime your pup needs to stay cool, you can use the Cooling Vest to help regulate their body temperature. It’s perfect for:

✅ Walkies

✅ Playing in the garden

✅ Beach Days 

✅ Hot car journeys 

✅ Working, herding or assistance dogs

✅ Camping, Caravanning & Pet-friendly holidays

✅ Agility training, flyball and other dog sports

✅ After exercise to cool down

How long does the Cooling Vest Stay Wet?

In real-life testing, we’re getting cooling results at 30°C! We recommend re-wetting the vest every 3.5 - 5 hour, depending on the temperature, to maintain your pups coolness. 

How Will I Know If It’s Working?

Your pup will visibly pant less than it would normally on hot days and be able to walk further before fatiguing than it would without the vest. Instead of darting between shade, your pup will happily run and play in the sun. Your pup's skin will also feel cool to the touch

Which Dog Breeds Are Most At-Risk Of Sunburn & Heat-Stress?

Dogs most susceptible to sunburn are hairless breeds and those with white or light fur, thin fur, and pink and white skin and dogs over 12. Some common breeds that have a higher risk of sunburn include:

  • Chow Chow
  • Boxers
  • French Mastiff
  • Cavalier King Charles & Springer spaniel
  • Pugs
  • French Bulldog
  • Australian Sheepdogs
  • Bulldogs
  • Chinese Cresteds
  • Collies
  • Dalmatians
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Greyhounds
  • Pit Bulls
  • Whippets
  • Weimaraners
  • Yellow Labrador Retrievers

All dogs, regardless of their coat thickness, have vulnerable body areas with thin or no fur. And even dogs with darker pigmented skin can get sunburned. So it’s crucial to protect these areas with dog-safe sunscreen whenever they’re out in the sun for long periods to prevent skin irritations or the development of skin cancer.

What If It Doesn’t Fit?

Don’t worry! All of our products come with a 90 day trial so you can buy without worry. If the Cooling Vest doesn’t fit quite right, or youre not satisfied for any other reason, simply let us know within the period and we’ll make it right by either exchanging for the right fit or providing you with a refund. If you have any questions send us an email: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Photo Credits to: Oliver Clarke

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