No More Muddy Paws

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Drying Bag Size


No More Muddy Paws

£70.88 £89.87 £18.99

Drying Bag Size


Ready to Wave Goodbye to Muddy Paws and Pup-Proof Your Home?

If you feel like your spending endless amounts of time cleaning muddy paws, hoovering dog hair off your favourite sofa and taking your car to the cleaners - you're not alone.

Especially in wet and cold winter months, the work required to maintain a clean home can quickly add up when you've got a messy companion sharing it with you.

Even short jaunts out to the garden can prove to be dirty...

With this collection of our best selling products, you'll be equipped to wave goodbye to muddy paws in your car and home for good!

Included in the bundle is:

 1x Luxury Drying Bag (£39.99 - £64.99 RRP)

 1x XL Microfibre Dog Blanket (£23.99 RRP)

 1x Natural Shampoo Bar With Neem Oil 80g (£6.90 RRP)

 1x FREE XL Super Absorbent Dog Towel (Usually £18.99)

 For best results, simply:

1. Zip your pup into the Luxury Drying bag after walkies, ready for the car ride home.  Once home they will be clean and dry. 

2. Keep the Super-Absorbent Towel handy for smaller trips in and out of the garden.  Give each paw a good squeeze, and watch the mud and wet come away, saving your floors and furniture.

3. Finally, let your pup lounge in luxury, without compromising your sofa - thanks to the Extra Large Blanket you needn't worry about dog hairs sticking to your furniture again. Unlike other dog blankets, it is absorbent, so will protect your furniture or their bedding, even if they are wet.

Included in this bundle is also our Natural Shampoo Bar with Neem Oil. It's perfect if your pup ever fancies a dip in the smelly stuff while out on adventures.

Fox and badger can be notoriously pungent and difficult to remove from coats, but not anymore!

The Neem Oil actively works to quickly deodorise any odour without the use of any nasty chemicals, irritants or perfumes that might otherwise upset your dog's sensitive skin. 

 Spend More Time With Your Pup, Not Cleaning After It!

The bundle is specially curated to help you save time spent cleaning your car, home and hairy-dog and will help you have all the upsides of a furry-friend without the downs...

    Save £18.99 (up to 23% off) instantly with this bundle and test a selection of our top products all in one handy package.

    All items come beautifully wrapped and make excellent gifts for the paw-parents in your life!

    Buy safe knowing your order is covered by our 90-Day Pawdaw 'Love It' guarantee. If for any reason your pup isn't 100% satisfied with our products, send them back within the period for a full refund, no headaches or hassle whatsoever.

    So why not join the hundreds of other pup-parents who've given our products a chance and wave goodbye to muddy paws for good?

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