Luxury Dog Drying Towel £18.99
Do you get frustrated when your four-legged friend dives into the wet muddy puddles, swims in the river, runs along the wet sand, getting really dirty and wet, and then it takes you forever to get them clean and dry? Do you find that you can’t find dog towels of great quality that are large enough for the job? Don’t worry, your frustrations are over, Pawdaw of London has the perfect solution with our extra-large towels for dogs.     Our dog drying towel is made from specially woven premium microfibres which are super absorbent. They are especially effective at drawing out the dirt after long muddy walks, cleaning your dog all over from ears to paws. absorbing water after a bath or on those wet days.  Due to the very special microfibres, the towels do not hold onto the dirt as normal dog towels do and they dry much faster, reducing the need for washing quite so often. The dog towel is one of the largest you will find, perfect for wrapping around your dog, regardless of whether they are a small or large breed.  Due to the size and luxury feel of the fabric, these lovely dog towels can also be used as a blanket or a seat cover to protect your car seats or home furniture.   Specifications: Extra-large dog towel (150cm x 100cm) Made with premium, super-absorbent microfibre Thicker and softer than other microfibre towels Dog hairs do not stick to the fabric, they simply fall away Washable in the machine at 40 degrees (we recommend without softener) Dries beautifully and much faster than normal towels Each towel can absorb the excess amount of water Ideal for grooming, reducing grooming time and number of towels needed Suitable for all types of dog coats, especially if your dog is prone to matting Long-lasting durable fabric Use as a blanket or seat cover to protect your car seats or home furniture Beautiful slate grey, with black trim, stylish and practical Our Guarantee ✔️ Free Postage (orders over £60)✔️ Safe payments with Stripe® and PayPal®✔️ 24/7 assistance✔️ No hidden fees!✔️ Love it Guarantee - 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Makes a perfect gift for your four-legged friends, your towel will be delivered beautifully gift-boxed in eco-friendly packaging Photo credit to @surreymagazine @masonislovinglife @phoenix_the_fearless
Treat Your Pup Bundle Dog Pamper Gift Set £35.98 £41.97
Have They Been A Good Pup? If so, maybe it's time to give them a small taste of the luxury Pawdaw has to offer the discerning pup with this carefully curated bundle of goodies.  Not only will they get a super comfy & cosy new Microfibre Blanket to snooze on after play-time (and a free sofa-pass)... They'll also get two other glorious gifts for you to show them when  they've been a good pup!  Included in the bundle is:  1x XL Microfibre Blanket (£23.99 RRP) 1x Natural 2-in-1 Cologne & Refreshing Spray (£11.99 RRP) 1x Free bag of Natural Salmon Cookies (£5.99 RRP)  Not only will this help save time cleaning hair off your sofa and furniture, you'll also be able to show your dog how much you love and appreciate their company and companionship. Save £5.99 (15% Off) with this bundle offer and test a small selection of our products in one handy package. All items come beautifully wrapped making it the perfect gift to your pup or for another paw-parent in your life! Buy safe knowing your order is covered by our 90-Day Pawdaw 'Love It' guarantee. If for any reason your pup isn't 100% satisfied with our products, send them back within the period for a full refund, no headaches or hassle whatsoever. So why not join the hundreds of other pup-parents who've given our products a chance and wave goodbye to muddy paws for good?
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