how it all began

Pawdaw of London are an independent family run business, based in England with over 600 five-star reviews to date. When Phoebe, our very adorable but often cheeky cockerpoo, joined our family, our lives were turned upside down.

Phoebe lives for her long forest walks; however, she is a mud-magnet, she loves nothing more than running in dirty puddles, jumping in and out of streams, being knee high in mud and God knows what else. The end of most walks resulted in Phoebe needing a shower, but this was difficult when often we take her to the forest by car, we would almost certainly end up with muddy seats and windows!

We quickly realised that there was a lack of quality products to deal with the problem of muddy paws both in the car, home, caravan, or motorhome. Items were either not practical, poorly made, or very expensive. We found grooming products to be full of chemicals, being harmful and irritable to Phoebe’s sensitive skin, and natural options just didn’t work as well. As a result of this Pawdaw of London was born.

designing the perfect Dry Bag

With Phoebe being a mud magnet of a cockerpoo, our car and home were difficult to keep clean. We looked at other drying bags on the market, however, we found Phoebe could escape due to the neck not having enough adjustment, there was no way of securing her in the car, and they were poorly made and didn’t do a good job of cleaning her muddy paws. We set out to create the luxury dog drying bag.

designing the perfect Cooling coat

With Phoebe being black, she really suffers with the heat, and our increasing summer temperatures were causing her great discomfort. We looked at other cooling coats, however, we found they needed to be soaked every hour or two and quickly dried stiff. When they started to dry out, the sun would have an adverse reaction, by heating her fur instead of cooling, extremely dangerous. The majority only covered her back area, research showed we needed to cool her heart and chest area to provide her maximum cool down.

Attention to detail

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  • Prevents your pup from wriggling free
  • Comfortable unique design
  • Helps keep your pup inside until they're dry

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Industry leading products

finalists of the pet industry federation awards

We are proud to have been recognised as a finalist for the New Product Award - Accessories at the Pet Industry Federation Awards in 2022.

meet the team


On the day I brought Phoebe home little did I know that I would become a premium product designer with one mission, to overcome the frustrations of products that I had tried with my new pup and provide other pup parents with solutions to the same problems I have experienced.


Hi, I’m Phoebe a loveable, cheeky, mud-magnet of a cockerpoo and the reason for Pawdaw being born. Without me, this would be a blank page!