Pawdaw of London, is an independent family run business, based in London with over 600 five star reviews to date. Phoebe, a very adorable, sometimes cheeky cockapoo, joined our family.  Our lives were turned upside down and haven’t been the same since. She has brought so much love, and is very much part of the family. 
We embarked upon the world of doggy accessories and products. We quickly realised it was often a struggle to find the quality, style and practicality we were looking for within the affordable luxury pet space.  Items were either highly expensive or not practical. 


One accessory we really struggled to find, was a super absorbent, extra large dog drying towel. Through the wet days we found we were going through so much laundry, the towels were quite small, and the material did not absorb the wet from her coat or remove the mud from her paws. We had dirty floors and furniture, and Phoebe was needing lots of bath-time, which she really doesn’t like, in fact will do anything to avoid. 

We decided to design and create our own super absorbent dog towel with a luxurious look and feel.  An extra large dog drying towel with plenty of room to wrap Phoebe up after a bath or muddy walk. 

However, trips in the car after a muddy walk were still a challenge, so we designed our luxury dog drying bag with harness hole, perfect for keeping our car seats clean and Phoebe safe on the journey home.

With Phoebe being a cockerpoo, her fur can get matted, so bath time is important. We found it difficult to find natural grooming products, most shampoos were either full of nasties, or didn't lather well.  Many natural products were in bottles with a pump mechanism, difficult to operate when holding onto a wriggly cockerpoo. The grooming collection we have introduced, are not only natural without any nasties, they are eco friendly and vegan friendly, paraben and SLS free. The shampoos have a handy flip disc top to be able to operate with one hand, and come in two sizes. 

We absolutely love seeing photos of your gorgeous pups enjoying our products, so please tag us on social media @pawdawoflondon


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