**NEW**Luxury Dog Paw Towels £16.99
Do you get frustrated when you're out and about and haven't a dog towel handy to clean wet or muddy paws? Pawdaw of London has the perfect solution with our set of 4 super-absorbent Luxury Paw Towels. Each towel is 40cm x 40cm, handy to pop in your bag for days out, beach trips, breaks away or visiting friends and family.    Set of 4 x 40cm x 40cm Handy size for on the move Dry your dogs paws fast after getting wet Hairs don't stick, they simply fall off  Long lasting  Machine Washable at 40 degrees Suitable for all types of dog coats After the amazing success of our Luxury XL Dog Towel, our customers loved it that much, they also wanted it in a smaller, more portable size, for when out and about. Made from the same super absorbent specially woven premium microfibres, but in a smaller size, these paw towels are really handy for drying wet and muddy paws when on the move. Perfect for days out, visiting friends or family, beach trips, or breaks away. You will never get caught out by muddy paws again! The special microfibres are fast drying and so soft that hairs don't stick which reduces the need for washing quite so often. They are thicker and softer than other microfibre towels for a true luxury feel, yet thin enough to get inside fluffy paws. They come in a sleek and stylish slate grey, with black trim. Our Guarantee ✔️ Free Postage (orders over £60)✔️ Safe payments with Stripe® and PayPal®✔️ 24/7 assistance info@pawdawoflondon.com✔️ No hidden fees!✔️ Love it Guarantee - 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee  
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