**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
*NEW* Luxury Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
*NEW* Luxury Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London

*NEW* Luxury Throw & Dog Blanket

Sale price£59.99
  • Perfect for protecting sofas beds, car or motorhome seats mud-free
  • Made with premium, super-absorbent microfibre
  • Large enough to cover the seats of a 3 seater sofa
  • Easy clean, most marks will wipe away
  • Washable
  • Long-lasting durable fabric
  • Beautiful light grey, with black trim, stylish and functional

Our exclusive Luxury Sofa Throw and Dog Blanket, is perfect for protecting your furniture from muddy paws and wet pups. Nothing is worse than dog hair getting stuck in the fibres of your sofa or the smell of wet dogs lingering in the air. The solution? A Luxury Sofa Throw made from super soft and absorbent microfibre, that elevates both style and practicality in your home!

Our elegant dog throws for sofas are thicker than your average dog blanket, meaning any moisture from your wet and muddy pups is blocked from seeping onto your sofa. This also makes our sofa throws great for drying off your dogs, keeping them warm whilst they dry off after a wet walk without overheating.

Dog throws for sofas don’t need to look ugly either! Our high-quality sofa throw cover is tailored in a sleek slate grey with black trim, adding a touch of elegance to your home. Seamlessly combining plush comfort whilst safeguarding your furniture from the playful antics of your furry companions. 

Even though our dog sofa throw cover is large enough to cover most sofas, they are still perfect for taking on holidays! You don’t want to be paying that extra cleaning fee for your dog-friendly hotel or rented holiday house. So why not take a dog sofa throw with you for peace of mind that no furniture will be left muddy by your dog?

Say goodbye to worries about muddy paws or accidental spills, as this easy clean throw acts as a protective shield for your cherished sofas, beds, car seats, motorhome or caravan.

More Than Just Your Average Sofa Throw For Dogs

Our Luxury Sofa Throw is the perfect addition to your home. After spending hundreds of pounds on your sofa, you wouldn’t want it to be damaged by your pup. Mud and water from your wet pups can seep into the fabric leaving dirt in your home and that dreaded wet dog smell. With our elegant throws, you can easily protect your furniture without the need to compromise on the overall look of your home. Purchase a luxury sofa throw and dog blanket from Pawdaw today to shield your sofas from dirt!

key benefits

Luxury That Saves Time & Money

Our dog drying bags use specialised fabrics designed so that they don’t hold onto nasty smells, dirt, mud, sand, or hair. Because of our clever materials, you can use your dog drying bag, at least 5-6 times between washing, helping you save water, energy, and effort. Perfect if you are going away in a motorhome or caravan, where you don’t want to be washing unnecessarily.


Our dog drying bags work with natural body heat to draw out mud and dry fur whilst allowing debris to collect in the bag.

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3...
Lay bag unzipped and flat, stepping your pup on top facing the neck opening

STEP 2: Fasten the adjustable Velcro neck, zip them in and leave them to dry

STEP 3: Unzip the drying bag, if your dog has longer or thicker hair, give them a brush, give the bag a shake outside and leave open to dry

The dog drying bag can be used in the following scenarios.

  • In the back of the car or motorhome after a wet or muddy dog walk
  • In the home after a wet or muddy dog walk
  • To dry after a bath or shower
  • To clean and dry after a trip to the beach
  • After a swim or hydro bath

The measurements are given of your dog, not the actual drying bag itself. You don’t want your dog to feel restricted in the drying bag, they need to have plenty of room to stretch out and have a wriggle. We have therefore allowed for plenty of room for each dog size. Also, the over-sizing is what helps the cleaning mechanism. If you are unsure of sizing, always size up, or
if you wish, you can email us on info@pawdawoflondon.com or call us on 02080 999 817 for further advice if needed.

All purchases are protected by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you order the wrong size, please email us on info@pawdawoflondon.com and we can arrange an exchange for you in the correct size.

If in doubt, contact us before ordering and we can help you find
the right size, the first time.

This will depend on your dog’s coat, each dog is different. Short-haired dogs can be dry and clean in 10 to 15 minutes, dogs with longer or thicker coats can take 25 to 30 minutes in the dog drying bag.

Our customers find their dogs usually take a nap in the snuggly bag, waking up dry and clean.

Our dog drying bag is made from premium, super-absorbent microfibre.

On the outside is a low pile, snag-free fabric. Inside, the bag has plush twisted piles, so the absorbency and drying performance are increased compared to other materials.

We offer 6 sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. So weather you have a chihuahua, a cockerpoo, a labrador or a great dane, we have a size to fit.

Yes! Our dog drying bags are machine washable at 30 or 40 degrees. They can generally be used at least 5-6 times between washes. After use, shake out, and allow to dry, ready for next time. We recommend that you do not use any fabric softener or conditioner as it effects the absorbency, and please do not tumble dry.

Most dogs take to the drying bag very quickly, finding it a snuggly and warm retreat after a wet, cold walk. Many feel safer, with the drying bag doubling up for some as a security blanket or a type of thunder jacket. 

There is plenty of room for your dog to lay down in the cosy and warm drying bag, so they can have a wriggle, stretch out and not feel restricted.

Some dogs will naturally attempt to walk in the bag, therefore, for the first few uses, we recommend driving your dog somewhere in the car for a long walk so they get tired and wet. Pop them in the bag and secure them in. Being in the confines of the car means there's nowhere to go, allowing them to snuggle down and enjoy the cosiness - especially after a wet, cold walk. Most pups adjust quickly and soon love their bag, never wanting to leave!