**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
*NEW* Luxury Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London
**NEW** Luxury Sofa Throw & Dog Blanket - Pawdaw of London

Pawdaw of London

*NEW* Luxury Throw & Dog Blanket

Sale price£59.99
  • Perfect for protecting sofas beds, car or motorhome seats mud-free
  • Made with premium, super-absorbent microfibre
  • Large enough to cover the seats of a 3 seater sofa
  • Easy clean, most marks will wipe away
  • Washable
  • Long-lasting durable fabric
  • Beautiful light grey, with black trim, stylish and functional



Our exclusive Luxury Sofa Throw and Dog Blanket, is perfect for protecting your furniture from muddy paws and wet pups. Nothing is worse than dog hair getting stuck in the fibres of your sofa or the smell of wet dogs lingering in the air. The solution? A Luxury Sofa Throw made from super soft and absorbent microfibre, that elevates both style and practicality in your home!

Our elegant dog throws for sofas are thicker than your average dog blanket, meaning any moisture from your wet and muddy pups is blocked from seeping onto your sofa. This also makes our sofa throws great for drying off your dogs, keeping them warm whilst they dry off after a wet walk without overheating.

Dog throws for sofas don’t need to look ugly either! Our high-quality sofa throw cover is tailored in a sleek slate grey with black trim, adding a touch of elegance to your home. Seamlessly combining plush comfort whilst safeguarding your furniture from the playful antics of your furry companions. 

Even though our dog sofa throw cover is large enough to cover most sofas, they are still perfect for taking on holidays! You don’t want to be paying that extra cleaning fee for your dog-friendly hotel or rented holiday house. So why not take a dog sofa throw with you for peace of mind that no furniture will be left muddy by your dog?

Say goodbye to worries about muddy paws or accidental spills, as this easy clean throw acts as a protective shield for your cherished sofas, beds, car seats, motorhome or caravan.

More Than Just Your Average Sofa Throw For Dogs

Our Luxury Sofa Throw is the perfect addition to your home. After spending hundreds of pounds on your sofa, you wouldn’t want it to be damaged by your pup. Mud and water from your wet pups can seep into the fabric leaving dirt in your home and that dreaded wet dog smell. With our elegant throws, you can easily protect your furniture without the need to compromise on the overall look of your home. Purchase a luxury sofa throw and dog blanket from Pawdaw today to shield your sofas from dirt!


Our luxury sofa throw is made with a premium, super-absorbent microfibre, providing complete protection for sofas, beds, car/caravan/motorhome seats. The special fabric is thick, soft, and velvety, providing comfort and snugness, whilst keeping furniture free of wet or muddy paws.

It is 180cm x 130cm, large enough to cover the seats of a 3-seater sofa, or to use as a bed throw.

Yes! Our sofa throws are machine washable at 30 or 40 degrees. However, some marks can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
We recommend that you do not use any fabric softener or conditioner as it effects the absorbency.

Due to the throw being made with microfibre, it won’t heat like normal blankets can.

Currently there is only one size and colour, however, we do intend to add more sizes in the future.