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Wandering Bird's 9 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog: Essentials for a Safe and Stress-Free Trip

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It’s getting to that time of year and we’re all starting to dream of a holiday.

Travelling with your dog can be a great way to discover places and experience new things. We’ve been speaking to Kat Bird who writes a travel and lifestyle blog, Wondering Bird. She’s shared with us some great tips for anyone planning a road trip or caravan/motorhome holiday with their pup this year. 

Being prepared and having all the essentials for caring for your pup on the road is a key part in making travel with your furry companion a success. Kat’s got many years experience motorhoming with her cocker spaniel, Mac, so we’re trusting her word when she says these dog accessories are essential for road tripping with your pup. 


Here are Kat’s Top 9 Tip For Travelling With Your Dog:


  1. Dog Crates and Seat Harnesses. 
If you’re travelling in a motorhome or car with your pup you’ll already be aware that it’s against the law to let them roam free while you are driving. You have several options to keep them restrained whilst in the moving vehicle, but crates and travel harnesses are the most popular. 

Remember, also, if you are travelling in a caravan, your pup must travel in the car with you, not the caravan. Kat recommends using a harness for maturer dogs, as Mac chewed through his as a pup. Although fabric crates can seem more practical, Bird believes metal crates are still a superior choice for keeping your pup safe while travelling. 


    1. Dog Towels and Drying Bags. 
    Dog towels are an absolute essential for keeping both pup and car or motorhome clean while you travel. Especially if your dog likes to get wet and dirty! 


    A soft, absorbent towel that dries quickly is a game changer. And, as it happens, Kat raved about our Dog Drying Bags…

    Seriously, you can put a wet, muddy dog into one of these magical devices and they come out clean, dry and fluffy. They don’t take up much room, but allow you to clean and dry off your dog before it messes up your van. Or your car. Or your house.


      1. Dog Shower for Caravanning.

      Being able to rinse your pup while on the road is an essential, especially if they are prone to diving in mud, sand and stinky things. Kat recommends getting one you can add warm water to if they’ve been out in the cold. They’re also really handy for cleaning off your muddy boots! 


        1. Portable Dog Poo Bin. Really? 


        It’s one of those accessories that you never knew you needed… and then you wondered how you ever lived without it!

        The Dicky Bag is a really useful accessory for vanlifers, motorhomers and caravaners. You’ll often find yourself in beautiful remote spots that may not have facilities for your dog poos, but being a responsible dog owner you’ll want to leave no trace behind. This is when you find yourself needing a Dicky Bag. 


          1. Dog Calming Collar. 

          It’s not uncommon for dogs to experience some anxiety when you first start travelling or during certain parts of your journey. There are many unfamiliar sounds, smells and places that can be a bit nerve-racking for them. When Mac was experiencing anxiety in their motorhome, Kat was reluctant to try anything that went into Mac’s bloodstream such as a Calming Spot-On. But she found a calming collar that worked within a few days. 


            1. Night-time Collar. 

            It can also be helpful to get a light for your dog’s collar or a light-up collar if you’re walking or taking your pup out at night during your travels. Kat recommends getting a rechargeable one. 


              1. Portable Food and Water Bowls. 

              Getting some decent dog travel bowls with clip-on lids is really helpful, especially for over-night trips or if you’re travelling by ferry. Having a portable dog drinking bottle is an essential not just for travelling by car or van, but also for days out and long walks. 


                1. A Cooling Matt and Vest. 

                Encountering warm temperatures is one of the biggest challenges when travelling by vehicle with your dog. The two things that have helped Kat keep Mac cool on the road are a cooling matt and a cooling vest. While the cool matt is a useful accessory to have with you, Kat mentioned that Mac didn’t seem so keen on the material. Whereas he loves his cooling vest. Kat used to carry two vests for him, until she discovered our Pawdaw of London Luxury Cooling Vest!

                Now we use this one which is double layered and stays damp for so much longer - it doesn’t dry out like the cheaper Amazon ones. It’s definitely one of the best dog motorhome accessories we’ve ever got.

                Wow - that’s quite a statement! 


                  1. Strong Lead. 

                  Extendable leads seem like a great idea because they allow your pup to roam a little freer, however, they can occasionally break if your pup get’s over excited and darts off. You can find sturdier leads that have different length adjustments so that you change the length depending on your location or need. Kat also recommends having spare cheaper leads for muddy walks or just as a back up while you’re travelling. 


                  Those essential accessories should give you a pretty strong start on your road adventure with your pup. Download Kat’s FREE Dog Travel Checklist here.


                  And don’t forget to check out more Wondering Bird content for great tips and inspiration on travelling with your pup. 
                  If you’re interested in learning more about any of the Pawdaw of London products that Kat recommends, click below: 

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