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Why Every Dog Owner Needs a High-Quality Dog Drying Bag

Dog drying bags can handle any situation, from a nice warm bath to a wet, muddy walk. Learn why you need a dog drying bag in this guide from Pawdaw.

You may have heard of the term “dog drying bag,” but you might not actually know what one is. Not to fret! In this guide, we have you covered. From learning about how a dog drying bag works to understanding the various benefits of a dog drying bag, we have included everything you need to know and why your dog needs a dog drying bag.


How a Dog Drying Bag Works

A dog drying bag is essentially a large microfibre towel that encapsulates your dog to help efficiently dry them. This product can be used after various situations, from a bath to a wet, muddy walk, helping you get the most out of the product. The super absorbent material of a dog drying bag helps speed up the drying process whilst also creating a warm environment for your dog.

The way a dog drying bag differs from a dog towel is how it works. When using a dog towel, you, as the owner, need to manually dry your dog. This only dries the outermost layer of their coat. A dog drying bag, on the other hand, is more efficient as you can just put your pup into the drying bag and let them dry naturally without having the need to do anything else.


Can You Use a Dog Drying Bag On a Wet and Muddy Dog?

This product is particularly helpful when it comes to muddy pups as there is no need for rinsing your dog before putting them into the drying bag. A dog drying bag dries the moisture from your dog’s coat, leaving the mud, dirt, or sand to fall off from your dog’s fur and into the bottom of the bag. This means you’re putting a muddy pup into the bag and taking a clean dog out of the bag just like that!

The dog drying bag doesn’t need to be frequently cleaned either. As the mud and dirt that falls off from your dog is mostly dried out, you can simply shake the drying bag outside when you have finished using it, leave it to dry, and it will be ready for its next use.


Benefits of a Dog Drying Bag

Now you know how a dog drying bag works, it is easy to see the benefits of this must-have item. But there are more benefits than just efficient drying and the ability to clean muddy dogs. Below, we have listed all the major benefits of a dog drying bag, showing just how handy this product is.


Efficient Drying

The main purpose of a dog drying bag is to ensure your pup is completely dry after becoming wet. A dog drying bag is efficient in drying your dog as it utilises a dog’s body heat to create a warm environment, drawing out any moisture and helping your pup dry faster.


Reduced Mess

All dogs love to shake themselves when they are wet. This causes water and mud to get everywhere and is especially annoying if it happens in your car or home. As your dog will be enclosed in the dog drying bag, any mud or dirt will be contained in the bag itself. This means your car or home will be free from any mess, giving you peace of mind even when you have a muddy pup.


Traps Odours

As much as you love your dog, there is nothing worse than the smell of wet dog. A dog drying bag can help with this. Its thick microfibre material means it can trap any odours, preventing bad smells from taking over your car or home. This doesn’t mean the drying bag itself smells, though! Specifically, our drying bags at Pawdaw do not hold onto any smells meaning you can reuse your dog drying bag up to 6 times before washing.


Warm Environment

The thick and soft material of a dog drying bag is also perfect for creating a warm environment. When towel-drying a dog, the pup might not be completely dry, meaning they can be left cold and uncomfortable. This can be resolved by placing your dog into a dog drying bag, allowing them to dry naturally whilst also being warm, especially after winter walks. 


Promotes Dog Health

There are several health benefits of using a dog drying bag. For example, efficiently drying your dog can help maintain a healthy coat and skin. If your dog is left wet for prolonged periods, bacteria and fungi can grow as a result of the excess moisture, so it is important to dry your dogs as fast as possible.

Another health benefit of a dog drying bag is the reduced risk of skin irritation, infections, matting, and odours. All of these issues are typically caused by damp fur, meaning it is crucial you ensure your dog’s coat is dry to minimise the risk of your pup developing any of these health issues.


Less Need for Baths

Overwashing a dog can also be harmful, so you should stay mindful of the number of times you bathe your dog. It is recommended you bathe your dog once a month, but what happens when your dog gets muddy after a walk? There is no need for an additional bath as your pup can be easily cleaned in a dog drying bag. Any mud and dirt left on your dog’s coat will fall off into the bottom of the drying bag during the drying process.


Minimises Stress

Car journeys can be daunting for some pups, so having a dog drying bag could be a solution to alleviate their stress. Additionally, some dogs don’t like being bathed or being wet, so the warm cosy environment created by a drying bag allows dogs to relax and feel more comfortable during stressful times.


Easy to Use

Using a drying bag is simple, especially with our velcro and zip combination. Just pop your dog into the unzipped drying bag, fasten the zip and velcro, and leave your dog to dry for about 30 minutes, short haired dogs will need less time. Once your dog is dry, you can simply unzip the bag, and the drying process is complete.

The dog drying bag is also very easy to clean. Once you have finished using the bag, you can shake it outside, and any mud and dirt will fall out, leaving you with a clean drying bag ready for its next use. Our dog drying bags stay clean for up to 6 uses before they require a wash. The dog drying bag is washable and dries quickly.


Portable and Versatile

As a dog drying bag is essentially a large towel, it is lightweight and portable meaning they are perfect for travelling. Whether you are going for a short countryside walk or are going on a beach holiday, you can take your drying bag with you anywhere.

Additionally, there are many uses for a dog drying bag. Of course, its primary function is to efficiently dry and clean wet and muddy dogs, but it can also be used as a stress reliever for dogs and to cool down dogs in hotter weather. Simply soak the dog drying bag in water and place your pup in it for a cooling effect in the warmer months.


dog running through water

Shop Your Perfect Dog Drying Bag With Pawdaw

At Pawdaw of London, we offer Luxury Dog Drying Bags in a range of sizes, making them suitable for all breeds of dogs. Whether you frequently go on muddy walks or you love a beach dog walk, a dog drying bag is the perfect addition to your dog accessory collection. If you want to reap the benefits of a dog drying bag, why not shop with Pawdaw today?


Why Our Dog Drying Bags Stand Out from the Pack

The Velcro neck on our drying bags is fully adjustable, setting them apart from most others on the market. This adjustability is crucial, particularly for puppies or smaller dogs, as it prevents them from slipping out of the neck hole. By opting for the adult size that matches your puppy's eventual size, they can grow into it safely, making it a valuable safety feature.

Our drying bags also feature a unique harness hole, offering a secure way to restrain dogs in vehicles like cars, motorhomes, or caravans, as required by law. Connecting the safety clip through the harness hole to their collar or harness ensures their safety. The convenience and cleanliness of our drying bags in confined spaces make them especially popular with caravan and motorhome users.

Another distinctive feature is that our drying bag can be laid out flat, which is not the case for many others. This makes it easier to place your pup into the bag, as it opens out completely.


Dog Drying Bag FAQs

What is the fastest method of drying your dog?

The best way to dry your dog is to use a dog drying bag. This ensures your dog is thoroughly dry, reducing the risk of health issues. Simply put your dog into the drying bag and let your dog dry naturally. All the mud and dirt from your dog will also fall off into the bag, leaving you with a clean pup!


Is it better to let a dog dry naturally?

It is not recommended that you let your dog dry naturally, as this can cause health issues. The damp fur of your dog allows for fungus and bacteria to grow, which can lead to infections and odours. Additionally, dogs with longer hair can become matted due to their damp coat, which can cause irritation to their skin.


Do dog drying bags work?

Dog drying bags have been proven to work! Using a dog’s body heat, the warm environment within a dog drying bag causes moisture to be drawn out from a dog’s fur and dirt to fall into the bottom of the drying bag. They are the perfect addition to a day at the beach or a muddy walk in the countryside.


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