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Staying Stylish and Clean While Walking Wet and Muddy Dogs

Dogs love a muddy puddle, but don't let that stop you from staying clean on dog walks. Find out our tips for keeping your dogs clean on those muddy walks.

Dogs seem to have an affinity for muddy puddles. No matter how cold or wet it is, there’s not a lot that stops a dog from jumping into a muddy puddle. As a dog owner, this can be frustrating as this can mean a dirty car and a filthy home, but there are ways you can prevent this. From preparing before going on a walk to steps to take after your walk, you can ensure not only your dog stays clean but also your car and home.


Before Embarking on a Muddy Dog Walk

Preparation is key when it comes to tackling a muddy walk. Checking you have all your dog cleaning essentials with you before your walk can make all the difference to protect your car and home from dirt and grime. Below, we have listed some tips you could try before heading out on your dog walk.


1. Plan a Less Muddy Route

The best way to avoid mud is to plan your route! If you are familiar with the route you usually take when walking your dog, you probably know where the muddiest patches are. Planning alternative routes, especially on wet and rainy days, can help keep your pup mud-free, allowing you to have peace of mind when it comes to your car and home.

You could opt for walking your dog in more built-up areas with pavements and streetlights. This not only minimises the risk of mud but also provides a safer environment for dog walks in the colder and darker months.


2. Bring the Essentials

It can be hard to keep track of all the things you need to bring with you on a dog walk, especially if you want to venture out to more rural areas that are likely to contain muddy patches. But don’t worry, we have you covered! With this checklist, you can walk stress-free, knowing you have everything you need to clean your dog should they come back covered in mud.

  • Towels: One of the most important items to bring with you is something to dry your pup with. From a dog drying bag to a dog drying towel, it is crucial you dry your dog as soon as possible, particularly younger pups, to prevent them from getting ill.
  • Spare Water for Muddy Paws: Bringing a container of water to wash your pup’s muddy paws can prevent mud from being trailed into your car or home.
  • Doggy Wet Wipes: An alternative to water is doggy wet wipes. These wipes are an efficient way of removing dirt without the use of excess water.
  • Paw Protectant: Using a form of paw protectant or wax can make cleaning paws a lot easier! This method prevents dirt from sticking to doggy paw pads, allowing for an easy clean after your walk.
  • Extra Water For a Makeshift Shower: If your dog comes back completely covered in mud, you might want to give them a quick rinse before putting them in your car. Having some extra water available will allow you to have peace of mind should your dog decide to jump into a muddy puddle.


3. Invest in a Dog Coat

It is highly debated whether dogs should wear coats. It is recommended that dogs with fine or thin fur should wear a coat to keep them warm in colder weather. Additionally, older dogs should also wear a coat as they can feel the cold more so than younger dogs. Dog coats have various benefits other than protecting your pup from the colder weather, they can also act as a shield from mud and dirt.

As a dog coat typically covers most of a dog’s body, there is less chance of your dog being completely covered in mud. This means cleaning your pup after a muddy walk could be much easier if you invest in a dog coat.


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What to Do After Your Dog Gets Muddy

You’ve gone on your dog walk, and your pup has come back covered in mud. What should you do? We have listed some simple steps you can follow when dealing with a muddy puppy.


1. Clean Them As Soon As Possible

It is crucial you clean your dog as soon as possible once you have finished your walk. Even if your dog only has wet paws, it is important to clean dog paws quickly as they can carry mud, grime, and bacteria. Additionally, if your dog is covered in mud, you should wash or wipe them down to remove most of the dirt before the mud dries into their fur.


2. Dry Your Dog Quickly

There are a few methods for drying your dog. You could use a dog drying bag to make drying your dog that little bit easier. Our Dog Drying Bag works by drawing out moisture from your dog’s fur, allowing any dirt to drop to the bottom of the bag, making for an easy clean once you get home. This leaves your dog dry and clean by the end of your car journey, and your car is kept mud free in the process.

Alternatively, you could opt for a towel. Our Dog Drying Towel is perfect after a muddy walk as it is super absorbent, helping you get your dog dry as fast as possible. It is vital you don’t leave your dog wet after cleaning them as this can cause illnesses, especially for younger pups. With these options, you can rest assured that your pups are dry and warm on the way home.


3. Brush Frequently

You should try to brush your dog once you arrive home to remove any remaining dried mud. This will help maintain the coat of your dog’s fur, keeping it shiny and healthy. It is recommended you brush your pup at least once a day to reduce any matting and to check for any ticks your dog may have picked up on their travels. 


4. Have a Regular Washing Schedule

Regularly washing your dog once a month is enough to keep your dog clean and healthy. Their coats are self-cleaning, meaning they don’t need to be washed any more than this. You can either go to a dog groomer or you can bathe your dog yourself using a dog-friendly shampoo. It is crucial you don’t overwash your dog as this can cause dryness to your dog’s skin, leading to further problems.

If your dog becomes muddy and you feel you need to bathe them more than once a month, you could choose alternatives to using water. For example, using wet wipes for dogs or a doggy dry shampoo are both great ways to maintain the cleanliness of your pup out on the road without the need for washing. 


Keep Your Dogs Happy and Mud-Free With Pawdaw

So there you have it, some simple steps to take before and after your muddy dog walk to ensure your pup stays clean and healthy. By using these tips, you can be stress-free when walking your dog, as you will know you have all the tools you need to deal with a muddy dog situation. At Pawdaw of London, we have everything from Dog Drying Bags, Dog Drying Towels, and Dog Shampoo to help you tackle those muddy pups! Handle your wet and muddy dogs with Pawdaw.  


Muddy Dogs FAQs

What to do with a muddy dog?

The best way to handle a muddy dog is to rinse, dry, and brush. Rinsing your dog with water will remove the majority of the dirt clinging to your dog's fur and stop mud from being spread around your car or home. You should then ensure you dry your dog using a dog drying bag or dog drying towel. Finally, by brushing your dog, any remaining dirt can be removed, leaving your pup with a clean and shiny coat.


How do you deal with a wet dog?

If you have just come from a muddy walk and need to dry your dog in the car, a dog drying bag or dog drying towels are the best methods of getting your dog dry as fast as possible. Alternatively, if you are in the comfort of your home or have access to electricity, using a hair dryer on a low heat setting can help with fast drying.


How do you clean a muddy dog without a bath?

There are various ways to clean your dog without the use of water. For example, using a dog dry shampoo or dog wet wipes is an effective way of cleaning your muddy pup without the need for a bath. Remember, it is important not to overwash your pup so these methods are great ways to keep your dog clean whilst maintaining their coat.


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