Luxury Dog Cooling Coat - Pawdaw of London
Luxury Dog Cooling Coat - Pawdaw of London
Luxury Dog Cooling Coat - Pawdaw of London
Luxury Dog Cooling Coat - Pawdaw of London
Luxury Dog Cooling Coat - Pawdaw of London
Luxury Dog Cooling Coat
Luxury Dog Cooling Coat - Pawdaw of London

Luxury Dog Cooling Coat

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  • Helps prevent heat stress & stroke
  • Covers heart & chest Area For maximum cooling
  • Just add water, for minimum 5 hours of cooling
  • Protect delicate skin from sunburn and UVA rays
  • Super absorbent, lightweight and breathable material
  • Lint-free & machine washable
  • Suitable for all types of dog breeds and coats from Chihuahua to Great Dane
  • NEW - Medium Wide size for Bulldogs


Long-lasting Cooling effect
A magical way to keep your pup cool and calm in the hot weather.

Our dog cooling coats have undergone real-life testing to ensure the coolest results up to 40°C! The super absorbent material stays wet for a minimum of 5 hours, even on the hottest of days. Depending on the temperature and your pup, we recommend re-wetting the coat every 5 hours to maintain your pup's coolness. Simply add water to activate your pup’s personal portable cool bath!

Remove the worry about your dog overheating for good. The Pawdaw of London Luxury Dog Cooling Coat gives 100% peace of mind that you have protected your pup from the deadly effects of heat stress & stroke. Unlike many others, our Cooling Coat doesn't need constant re-soaking.  It is made from soft breathable fabric which allows air to circulate freely even during periods of exercise. The design also ensures the cooling fabric covers the heart and chest areas to help lower temperature and bring down the heart rate.

Allow your pup to enjoy the hot summer days without the fear of them overheating. Reduce fatigue on walks, so you can still exercise them during the summer months.

All our dog cooling coats are OEKO-TEX certified meaning they have been independently tested to ensure they contain no harmful substances and are safe for you and your dog. 

Help your pup beat the heat 
You never have to worry about your dog overheating during hot days again. Our cooling dog coats protect your four-legged friend from the deadly effects of heat stress & stroke, which can be life-threatening to your pet’s wellbeing. Pair them with one of our dog drying bags for the ultimate pampering! 

key benefits

What Makes Our Dog Cooling Coats Better?

No need to re-soak every hour, it stays cool for long periods.  Our cooling coats don't dry hard and rigid, they stay soft and comfortable, reducing the risk of rubbing or irritation on your dog’s skin. Your dog can even chill out in the shade in their cool coat!

Our dog cooling coats are washable.The design is stylish, and practical, with a complimentary waterproof bag.The waterproof bag will keep the cooling coat wet on days out if you go indoors, and perfect for storing away for long periods


Dog cool coats work through the principles of evaporative cooling. They are made from breathable fabrics that have the ability to absorb moisture. When you wet the cool coat and put it on your dog, the moisture slowly evaporates, creating a cooling effect on your dog's body.

Dog cool coats are particularly useful during hot summer months or in any situation where your dog may be exposed to high temperatures. They can be beneficial during walks, outdoor activities, or even while traveling in a car. Cooling coats have proven to be effective in helping to keep dogs cool in hot weather. The cooling properties of these coats can provide a refreshing sensation for your dog and help prevent overheating.

Yes. In order to cool the dog coat you must first wet it. The coat will absorb the moisture which will then slowly evaporate throughout the day. You don’t have to worry about continuously wetting the coat either as our dog cooling coats are designed to stay cool for long, at least 5 hours.

The dog cooling coat is washable at 30 or 40 degrees, do not add fabric softener. 
Do not tumble dry, allow to dry naturally.  

The dog cooling coat can be used in the following scenarios.

  • On long walks on hot days
  • Beach days
  • Warm summer days out
  • In the home or garden on hot days
  • In the car or motorhome on warm days